Coronation plans going royally at The Goat Shed

Coronation plans going royally at The Goat Shed

The Coronation is only a couple of weeks away and we love a reason to celebrate so we very much hope you’re planning to celebrate with us at The Goat Shed!

The Farm Shop & Kitchen will be open as usual all weekend, so lots of opportunity to bring family and friends and join in our ‘Best of British’ Goat Shed party.

Saturday 6th May: 8am – 6pm

(Kitchen serving hot food until 4pm, hot drinks and cake until 5pm)

Sunday 7th May: 9.30am – 4pm

(Kitchen serving hot food until 3pm, hot drinks and cake until 4pm)

Monday 8th May: 8am – 6pm

(Kitchen serving hot food until 4pm, hot drinks and cake until 5pm)

The shop & kitchen will be decorated with a Goat Shed party vibe, seems the team may have got a little ahead of themselves as I’ve just spied some crowns and union jack bunting down there already, it’s going to look great!

Breakfast fit for a King

Breakfast ‘Fit for a King’ will be served every day from 8am in The Goat Shed Kitchen, plus a new specials menu going live on 28th April featuring some of King Charles’s favourite foods – can’t wait to sample some of those!

Celebrate the Coronation in style..Introducing the Limited Edition Goat Shed Coronation Tote!

We have designed our very own Goat Shed Coronation Tote Bag! To commemorate the Coronation in style and have a very special memory of this celebratory occasion why not pickup one of our limited edition ‘King Goat’ tote bags, available now in the shop, perfect to be filled with all the party essentials you’ll need for the royal weekend!

Munching at The Goat Shed Kitchen

Head Chef Dan has also treated us to some new specials which will be available from today until 28th April, when they will change in preparation for the Coronation on the 6th May!

This week’s specials include:

Masala Fries

Indian spiced fries, garlic yoghurt & coriander

Chicken Caesar Open Sandwich

Grilled Chicken, marinated anchovy, soft egg and parmesan

Falafel Flat Bread

Grilled flat bread, hummus, falafel, cucumber salad, pickles and pomegranate

Chocolate & Peanut Pancakes

Chocolate and peanut sauce, peanut nougat

The Goat Shed Kitchen has also launched its newly designed menu today, you’ll be pleased to know it still includes all your favourite dishes, it’s just had a major face lift and we can’t wait to hear what you all think! You can view the menu here. It’s been a team effort to create, packed with lots of info, our team’s favourite dishes, The Goat Shed vision, our ‘Join the Herd’ loyalty scheme details and of course a bit of blurb telling our story and how The Goat Shed came to be….it’s a big step forward for us and we very much hope you like it!

The baby goats have been getting lots of attention from you all, they’re doing really well and I’m delighted to let you know that a couple of the goats gave birth yesterday so we now have eight kids in total, with more on the way anytime, make sure you stop by this weekend to see them!

Right, I’m off to continue my midwifery duties….