How are your New Years Resolutions going?

How are your New Years Resolutions going?

With Christmas long behind us, we’re looking ahead to the exciting events of 2023, and dare I say it, we have quite the lineup for you all!

It’s been mentioned before, however we currently have our ‘Tea & Toast’ promotion running, weekdays throughout January, if you haven’t tried it yet you really must, the feedback from customers has been amazing!

If you follow us on Instagram you can check out the ‘Tea & Toast’ menu here, it’s far more than the name suggests!

Our Valentine’s menu kicks off on 1st February, the team have been trying to come up with a name for it this week, I’ve heard a few ‘goat related’ ideas flying around, so watch this space as I’m sure all will be announced soon….”You’ve Goat The Love” was one I’ve heard a few times!

I’ve had a quick viewing of the sample menu and it sounds delicious, I know kiln roast salmon featured, so did chicken liver pate, and to finish off white chocolate and passion fruit pancakes, I think I’ll treat Caroline! There’s also some exciting new products coming into the Farm Shop for Valentine’s gifting ideas, so keep an eye out for those

Don’t forget to bring in your unopened golden envelopes…We’ve had lots of happy customers so far this month visit us with their unopened envelopes, the team have loved watching their faces as they reveal their surprise gift…even a tea or coffee ‘on us’ is a nice treat, especially in January!

This week we also had a visit from students studying Agri-business Management programme at Easton College, I spent some time chatting with them about their studies and what they hope to do in the future, their energy was very inspiring and fantastic to see. It was an opportunity for them to ask me some questions about my experiences in business and my journey so far, it was great to see young people interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

This leads me on to the 2023 Chris Lewis Award, if you haven’t heard of this award, it was set up in memory of Chris Lewis a Norfolk farmer who sadly passed away in 2007, Chris was a much loved Norfolk Farmer who always made time to help others. This award was designed to help and encourage a young person in an agricultural pursuit, by giving them financial support to take the next step. This is incredibly important in such a volatile industry, I was awarded a small grant at the very beginning of my journey which enabled me to buy my first cheese making equipment and porta cabin to set it up in!

Must dash, today is quite busy as we have a judge here from the Farm Retail Association awards that we’ve made the finals of in two categories, ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Small Farm Shop of the Year’, so we are all on our best behaviour and I’m now off to give him a tour…wish us luck!